• A-hole Mk 4A Muzzle Break


    Have you ever been shooting your new AR at the range and failed to attract any attention?  Tired of the shoulder breaking, PTSD inducing recoil on your AR15 or other 223/5.56mm rifle?  Tired of expensive, overweight muzzle brakes ruining the balance of both your otherwise svelte 3 gun rifle and your checking account?  Well, there is now an affordable solution for you:  Our A-Hole Mk 4a™ Muzzle Brake.

    We start, as we always do, with high quality, domestically produced 6061-T6 Aluminum so that weight stays low but service life is still excellent (3000+ rounds).  From there, we add our propriety A-Hole Technology™.  What is this you ask?  Through a combination of late night guesswork and non-hipster related irony we slaved away to create an effective and audibly recognizable port design.  Our A-hole technology allows muzzle blast gasses to be harnessed to help eliminate recoil and keep you on target for faster follow up shots, better split times and gain much, much more sex appeal.  No science or animals were harmed in the development of our A-Hole Mk 4a™ Brake.  To aid with installation we include a shim kit.  Yes, that’s right, a shim kit.  No crush washers, peel washers or some other, lesser method for timing your muzzle brake to be found here.  Just a sweet, made in America, reusable shim kit.  Our A-Hole Mk 4a™ Muzzle Brake was designed for the shooter that is very weight conscious with their rifle, for the competitor looking to ditch some weight at the end of their rifle or for the guy who just wants to let freedom ring to all with in earshot.